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Kateřina Močáryová

About me

What am I doing?

I am an experienced professional in marketing, brand building and communication. My specializations are employer branding and HR marketing. Most of the population lives online to a large extent, so I use the digital environment the most.

Proper communication is essential

Long story short.

I started my career in a recruitment agency where I led a small team of colleagues after a few months and was responsible for marketing and HR activities. Then I accepted an offer to work for a large industrial company Vítkovice Steel. After a year as Employer branding specialist I moved on to another position and I was responsible for all marketing activities for the entire company for almost 3 years.

I see meaning and passion in my work, because I am a creative person with a business mindset who can connect knowledge to the technological world. I consider my recent big success a marketing campaign where I was able to get 600% more job applicants for hard-to-fill positions using a campaign I created.